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Shock Art 2019

Location: 17th and Hover street, Longmont, CO

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Moonscape Mural

A community public art project in Longmont, Colorado!

Every year, since 2011 five creative designs are selected by community members. Anyone can vote on the idea sketch. Then after voting the five artists are commissioned by the city to paint these "switchgear" boxes throughout the City. It's a wonderful experience for the artists and community! #shockart2019

Here are a few select murals


Shock Art 2018!


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Plumber & Pipefitter Union Local 114 Mural

Plumbers and Pipe fitters Union Local 114

While I was an apprentice Plumber at Local 114 the Business Manager asked me to paint them a mural for our Main Hall! This was so awesome cause I got to design it and paint it with fellow apprentices! 

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Krause House Mural 2018

Merridock Mural

This interior mural was painted in a kitchen, above the sink . Depicting the surrounding landscape of the Santa Maria Valley, California. Including Oak and Pine trees, rural roads, local farms, foot hills and of coarse avocado orchards and grape vineyards.

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Landscape, chickens and a Sloth | Murals

Hen Hotel Chicken Coop Mural, Chickens, purple love seat, hay bales, chicken nest with eggs and more

Hen Hotel - Chicken Coop Mural

 This small 3' x 3' mural was placed on the outside of a horse stable converted into a chicken coop. The Stable owner wanted to decorate one of their horse stalls and change it into a Hen Hotel! How cool! She sent me photographs of her beloved chickens and a few other items she wanted to include in the mural like the crown molding. I painted in a few other items you would find around a barn and here it is!

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Horse Stable Santa Maria Valley Mural

Horse Ranch Mural

This 40' x 10' exterior painted mural depicting local Farm land with horses, grape vineyards and avocado orchards of the Santa Maria Valley, CA. Designed and Hand painted on the side of the horse barn showing the beautiful landscape of rolling foot hills and vegetable crops growing all around. It also has the owner's favorite horse and the Santa Maria Riverbed.

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I first started painting murals at 18 years old. Here are a few select solo and Group mural Projects!!

Photograph of rain forest mural unavailing!

Rain Forest Mural

 This was my very first mural EVER! I was 18 years old and so ready for something new and challenging. The couple I painted this for had three young children. They wanted a interesting and fun place for their kids to spend time playing outside in their backyard. There is a Sloth, alligator, pink birds, a few Parrots, python and other snakes, a Black Panther in a Rain Forest setting full of trees, flowers and vines. 

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Digital Image of what the Mural would look like.

The Association of Visual Arts Mural

 The Association of Visual Arts, AVA of Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, California. The artists involved with this visual arts club got together and designed and painted this exterior mural! It was our first mural project as a group. We went to local businesses for donations to help with supplies needed for the project like paint, plywood and sealant. Six student artists painted their own wood panels, and the background is of a computer screen, the "Start" button we made into the College's Quote: "Start Here, Go Anywhere." It also had a drop-down menu under "View" button, of the arts available at our college: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Metal, Film, Graphics, Multi-Media, Photography, Music, Dance and Drama. This was such a great experience for all of us! We learned to work together, come up with ideas, vote on each others work, paint large scale and how to get donations for supplies needed! 

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Here is the finished pediatrics room mural!

Samantha's Garden Mural

A young girl wrote a poem about helping kids that are in the hospital. She had spent a lot of time in this hospital because of her siblings health problems. The Poem she wrote won and our Art group, with the help of Samantha and her sister painted this mural at Maria Hospital in the Pediatrics wing. It has tons of flowers, bird houses, sign, birds and more! 

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