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Art Resume - JENNIFER MCDUFFIE | California to Colorado



ARTIST: Jennifer L. McDuffie

BORN: Fairbanks, Alaska, 1982 

RAISED: Central Coast of California

LIVE: Longmont, Colorado, 2018 - Present

Selected Art Exhibitions

• 2000 to 2003 "Annual Student Art Show," Allan Hancock College (AHC), CA, group show

• 2001 "Rainforest Mural," Private Residence of Hugo & Gloria Lopez, CA, Viewing

• 2002 "Santa Maria Arts Council," Juried exhibition, CA, group show, 2nd place 

• 2004 "Association of Visual Arts Student Art Show & Sale," AHC, CA, group show 

• 2004 to 2007 "Live Oak Music Festival," CA, Art Festival

• 2004 & 2005 "Art In The Park" Dinosaur Caves Art Festival, Pismo Beach, CA

• 2004 "Brush with The Arts Event," Group Mural project - At the Foot of the Hills, Nipomo, CA

• 2004 & 2005 "Ceramics & Visual Arts Art Show & Sale," AHC, CA, group show 

• 2004 "Mural dedicated to Ed Harvey," Association of Visual Arts, AHC, CA, group project

• 2005 Solo Art Show, located in the Administration building, AHC, CA

• 2005 "Halcyon Store Art Festival," Arroyo Grande, CA

• 2005 "1st Annual Art Festival," AVA, Allan Hancock College, CA

• 2006 & 2007 "Town Center Gallery," Santa Maria, CA, Art Gallery

• 2006 "Artist of the Month of October," The Halcyon Store, Halcyon, CA, Solo Show 

• 2006 & 2007 Santa Maria Airport Gallery,” Santa Maria, CA, Art Gallery

• 2007 “Upstairs Gallery,” Law's Hobby Center, San Luis Obispo, CA, Art Gallery

• 2007 “X Seven,” University Center Gallery, Halcyon, CA, group show, Art Gallery

• 2007 "SLO Studios Tour", located at the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande, CA, group show 

• 2008 LAPG Open Studio Tour, Santa Maria, CA, group show

• 2008 “2 Sisters Book Barn,” Santa Maria, CA, group show

• 2008 Oct., 18th, "Day in the Country," Los Olivos, CA, Art Festival

• 2008 "Devine Affair," Santa Maria Valley Humane Society Benefit

• 2008 Jurer for Dunlap Elementary School Art show, Santa Maria, CA

• 2010 - New Doctors office, commissioned 12 acrylic paintings of local oak trees, SM, CA

• 2018 ShockArt 2018, “Colorado Love," Mural located in Longmont, Colorado


• 1996 - Color Illustration, Chase Manhattan, Santa Maria, CA 

• 1997 & 1998  - Floral, Karene Krause, Santa Maria, CA 

• 2010 - Doctors office, 12 mini Oak tree paintings, SM, CA

• 2014 - UA Local 114, Buellton, Santa Barbara County, CA

• 2017 - Lopez Goats, Pet Portrait, Santa Ynez, CA

• 2017 - Cali, Pet Portrait, Santa Maria, CA

• 2017 - Private Collection, Coalinga, CA

• 2018 - Red Bull, Pet Portrait, Santa Ynez, CA

• 2018 - Boxer, Pet Portrait, 16" x 20", Santa Ynez, CA

• 2019 - Kitty Hotel, 24" x 30",  Nipomo, CA

Custom Designed & Hand Painted MURALS

• 2001 - Rain Forest Mural, Exterior Mural, Hugo & Gloria Lopez, Santa Maria, CA 

• 2001 - Exterior Mural, Fairlawn Elementary School, 120N. Mary Dr., Santa Maria, CA

• 2002 - Interior Mural, 10' x 10', Ornare-La Tan Salon, 125 E. Betteravia, Ste. E., Santa Maria, CA

• 2013 - "Horse Ranch Mural," 40’ x 10’, Santa Barbara County, CA

• 2017 - “Merridock Mural,” 4' x 4', Santa Maria, CA

• 2018 - "ShockArt 2018, “Colorado Love," City Commission, 9th Street, Longmont, CO

 • 2019 - "ShockArt 2019, “Beautiful Colorado," City Commission, 17th & Hover, Longmont, CO

WHere I'm coming from

Artist's Statement

I grew up on the Central Coast of California surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife. As a child I drew on everything and for everyone. For instance, I drew horses and flowers on napkins for waitresses at restaurants. In high school I started painting in acrylic and oils. On a study abroad trip to Paris and London, I studied photography which has greatly influenced my creativity. At 18 I was commissioned to paint my first mural! An exterior mural, 40'x9' on the side of a house in Santa Maria, California. Since then, mural painting is my favorite! In 2018 our little family moved to Longmont, Colorado and I'm in LOVE! There is so much diverse culture and art here! I have already restarted my art career here, painting many pet and people portraits for people I have met along with a mural project in Longmont. I mostly paint murals and 2D commissions working in professional acrylic paints. My paintings are detailed, full of meaning and use vivid complementary colors.


I Love Painting !!!

My Medium

Acrylic and oil paints mixed with textural ingredients are a few of my favorite mediums to work with. There is nothing like starting a new painting with a blank canvas! I have painted on many different materials. For instance; interior and exterior walls, wood furniture, roping dummy steer head, metal mail boxes, business signs, water tanks, a propane tank, horse barns, horse stables, wood and metal boxes, etc.

 Soon I hope to incorporate different materials including welding and sculpture! All my paintings are made using professional grade paints & materials. 

My Inspiration

 A viewer's own unique experiences combined with a painting's composition, color, subject and materials used gives a painting life! My artworks show my love of light, detail, nature, animals and my vivid dreams. 

I have been asked many times, "what inspires you?" My surroundings, landscapes, animals and adventures I've been on all together inspire me! While hiking I take photographs of trees, clouds and animals that interest me. My work is distinctive because of bold vibrant colors, shading, blending, detail and adding personal touches. 

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