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From the first composition to the final details. I strive to create interesting and detailed artworks. Going a step further to accomplish vivid works that inspire and set the mood!


Everything from Pet portraits, people portraits, landscapes and stills always painted professionally with top grade materials!


Together we will put our ideas together to create an awesome painting for you to enjoy forever.

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Here is an acrylic painting of two dogs, best buddies just relaxing with each other. 

See close up pics and more info

Boxer Pet Portraits

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Boxer Pet Portrait close up

Boxer Pet Portrait

Behind the Scenes

Painting dog portraits is very satisfying. Even though it is sad that this pup had passed away, the owner now has a beautiful original acrylic painting of her. 

This is the Boxer Pet Portrait painted for the boyfriend who's boxer just passed away. Read about Red Bull, above.

Painting Technique

The textures, tones and shading are very calming in this piece. Below are more images of this acrylic painting.

CURRENT PROJECT | Cat Hotel | January 2019

Cat Hotel! 24" x 30" Acrylic Painting

Cat Hotel 24" x 30" acrylic painting. Cats and their toys, copper, sheet metal signs and succulents!

This is a work in progress that I started last weekend, 1/12/2019. The finished piece will be of an early 1900's hotel lobby with the owner's cats instead of people! I love it! There will also be the cat's favorite toys!!!

Other elements


The cat owner who commissioned me to paint this for her also asked me to include some personal elements to the piece. The first was the cats in a hotel lobby. Secondly, the CU-Creations Sheet Metal sign.

Close up of rug fabric


Here is a picture of the soft rug fabric on top of dried hay.

Info about this New Painting !


This is where I am so far with the CAT HOTEL! This is a  of an early 1900's Hotel Lobby.  


Here is a detailed image showing me painting the foliage above the swinging doors.


Here is a close up of the wall sconces. I made them bronze on a rustic wood backing.


Above is a close-up of the chandelier! I love painting lighting. Shiny glass and metal with soft glow of light is very fun to draw and paint.


Painting fabrics like rugs and runners is also fun to paint. This picture shows the detail of the fabric.


Here are four distinctive textures all painted close to each other. The metal Spittoon, wood column and table, dried hay on the floor and the fabric of the rug. 

People, kids & children Portraits

Schonberger Girls

Behind the Scenes

I was currently painting a portrait for a client. I sent him a text with an image of my progress of his painting. He showed the text to his sister. In the morning he text me, "she wanted a painting of her girls!"

Its interesting painting portraits for people you haven't met. Small images can be pixelated, out of focus etc.  So my client sent me a cell phone picture his sister took of her children. The tones were very Renaissance and right up my alley. I love how sweet and caring the young girl is over her little baby brother.


This is a 12" x 16" acrylic painting using professional artist grade paint on stretched canvas. Painted from a cell phone picture sent to me by my client.

Painting Technique

I started by laying out the composition, where the two children will be placed. Cropping out any unneeded background. This was a fun painting because of all the different textures to paint. The faces use soft shading, their hair is smooth and shiny and the baby blanket is soft and puffy as you can see in the images below.

Amber's Dreams Come True

Behind the Scenes


This was the first painting I did for this client. He loves his family and hunting. He took his niece hunting and this was her first. "She was so excited," he said. So for Christmas he had me paint this from a photo sent me by text. Below the portrait he told the write, "Amber's Dreams come true." I thought that was so nice. It was very personal touch and meaningful for both of them.

Painting Technique


Painting the antlers, trees, bow and landscape are all very different.  The textures are diverse and have to be painted accordingly.

Did you know deer antlers can grow an inch or more per day, making them the fastest normal growing tissue known to man, according to an artical by Real Tree (Antler Trivia.)

The Original Photograph


This is the original photograph taken by the client. He asked to have the truck taken out. 

Fruit Paintings

Mini Artworks!


Small 8" x 10" acrylic paintings 

Bananas & Lettuce


 Here is a view of the canvas's painted sides. I love this look! It brings out the under-painting color.

During the painting process


I often start with a colorful under-painting (background color).

This fruit painting started with an under-painting of purple.

Fruit Paintings!



Using bright complementary colors next to each other making them look brighter and more interesting.



This style of painting is not about detail or crisp edges, it's about texture and complementary colors.


Painted lettuce

I have a large project coming up and wanted to paint some small idea paintings. Focusing on textures and color.

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