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My Medium

Acrylic and oil paints mixed with textural ingredients are a few of my favorite mediums to work with. There is nothing like starting a new painting with a blank canvas! I have painted on many different materials. For instance; interior and exterior walls, wood furniture, roping dummy steer head, metal mail boxes, business signs, water tanks, a propane tank, horse barns, horse stables, wood and metal boxes, etc.

 Soon I hope to incorporate different materials including welding and sculpture! All my paintings are made using professional grade paints & materials. 

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My Inspiration

 A viewer's own unique experiences combined with a painting's composition, color, subject and materials used gives a painting life! My artworks show my love of light, detail, nature, animals and my vivid dreams. 

I have been asked many times, "what inspires you?" My surroundings, landscapes, animals and adventures I've been on all together inspire me! While hiking I take photographs of trees, clouds and animals that interest me. My work is distinctive because of bold vibrant colors, shading, blending, detail and adding personal touches. 

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