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Artist Muralist Painter

Frontrange Original Fine Art

About Me

My Story

I grew up on the Central Coast of California surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Even as a child I loved art, drawing on napkins for the waitresses etc. I spent most my time drawing until I found painting while in college. There, students and myself went to Paris and London where we studied photography. I love photography! Using this medium has greatly influenced my creativity. 

At 18 I was commissioned to paint my first mural. It was 40'x9' on the side of a house in Santa Maria, California. Since then, mural painting is my favorite! My other love is hiking with my dog Roscoe and sketching ideas for paintings. In 2018 our little family moved to Northern Colorado and I'm in LOVE! Perfect for Photography and Art!

My Medium

I use many different mediums including acrylics, oil paints and textural ingredients. I use all professional grade materials. Soon I hope to have space to create more and use more different materials like welding and sculpture etc.

My Inspiration

 A painting should speak to a person through color and emotion. Everyone has their own unique experience that contributes to their likes and dislikes in life. My artworks show my love of light, nature and dreams. 

Throughout my art career, I have been asked the question, "where do your ideas come from?" Many inspirations come from surrounding landscape, hikes or on adventures. My work is distinctive because of bold and vibrant colors.


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