People & Family Portraits


 Here you will find a select few People and Family Portrait Paintings I've finished in the past two months.



Behind the Scenes

I was currently painting a portrait for a client. I sent him a text with an image of my progress of his painting. He showed the text to his sister. In the morning he text me, "she wanted a painting of her girls!"

Its interesting painting portraits for people you haven't met. Small images can be pixelated, out of focus etc.  So my client sent me a cell phone picture his sister took of her children. The tones were very Renaissance and right up my alley. I love how sweet and caring the young girl is over her little baby brother.

Medium and Technique

This is a 12" x 16" acrylic painting using professional artist grade paint on stretched canvas. Painted from a cell phone picture sent to me by my client.  I started by laying out the composition, where the two children will be placed. Cropping out any unneeded background. This was a fun painting because of all the different textures to paint. The faces use soft shading, their hair is smooth and shiny and the baby blanket is soft and puffy as you can see in the images below. 


Greg & His Quack Attack Britt

Behind the Scenes

Here is a hunting scene, a man with his beloved Bird Dog hunting geese. GREG & HIS QUACK ATTACK BRITT was a beautiful black lab dog who recently passed away. His owner wanted to have this painting of the their last hunt together. Britt was an amazing dog and best friend, saving his life two times in her life.

Painting Technique

This is a Kansas landscape with large round bales of hay in the background. I really like how the background trees and hay field push the two forward.  



Behind the Scenes

This was the first painting I did for this client. He loves his family and hunting. He took his niece hunting and this was her first. "She was so excited," he said. So for Christmas he had me paint this from a photo sent me by text. Below the portrait he told the write, "Amber's Dreams come true." I thought that was so nice. It was very personal touch and meaningful for both of them. 

Painting Technique

Painting the antlers, trees, bow and landscape are all very different.  The textures are diverse and have to be painted accordingly.

Did you know deer antlers can grow an inch or more per day, making them the fastest normal growing tissue known to man, according to an artical by Real Tree (Antler Trivia.)

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