Camping @ Figueroa Mountain


I love the earthy tones of browns and blues which create a quiet serene wooded environment to sit in front of. 

Behind the Scenes


During the Summer of 2007, a large fire called the Zaca fire was burning in the Los Padres Nations Forest. It burned down 240,207 acres between July 4th and August 5th 2007. This painting depicts a quiet camping spot I used to go to with my friends. It's a little over a mile hike from the Nira. There is a hiking trail and a creek. I haven't been back there in a long time. 

Painting Technique

Made using professions quality artists' acrylic paint on gallery wrapped stretched canvas.

United Trees | Acrylic & Texture on Stretched Canvas

United Trees


This is a night landscape with vibrant reds and blues glowing from Moonlit sky! 

Painting Technique


The textured surface of this original acrylic painting is a great conversation piece! Painted on a Gallery wrapped stretched canvas, 24" x 36".



 The first art show this painting was in Sold first day! 

Acrylic and Texture on Paper

Living Among Shadows


This is painted like United Trees, acrylic painted on a textured surface.

Acrylic and Texture on Paper


Horses in the Mystic Forest

Horses in the Mystic Forest


This is by far one of my favorite paintings I've ever done! I love ferns, they remind me of the Redwoods where my grandparents took me many times as a child camping. The two horses in spirit are Snowball and Bullet, my two ponies I had as a child in Coalinga, CA. Snowball was a grey Welsh Pony and Bullet was her colt and half American Quarter Horse. 

Generate excitement


Here you can see the detail of fern leaves and shadows beneath

Snowball & Bullet


Snowball was a grey Welsh Pony and Bullet was her colt and half American Quarter Horse.

About Us

Midnight Ocean


This painting depicts my love of painting water and textures of rocks.

Detal of painting


Painting away!


Here is a photograph of me painting!

Small Acrylic works


Lonesome Canyon

5" x 5" | Acrylic on Paper | Original SOLD


See Canyon Road

4" x 8" | Acrylic on Paper | Original SOLD


Halcyon Store

11" x 14" | Acrylic on Board | Original SOLD