Pet Portraits by artist Jennifer McDuffie

An acrylic painting of two dogs laying down with each other



 Here is an acrylic painting of two dogs, best buddies just relaxing with each other.

Close up of the Yellow Lab's face


I paint with layers of colors and tones. Yellow ocher, burnt sienna, burnt umber, mars black and white.

Close up of the black lab's fur


Even with a black lab, using a range of hues brings out the shinny coat of such beautiful dogs.

About this painting

Brush Strokes

Along with brush strokes, painting in direction of flow of the dogs hair gives depth and liveliness 

Hue & Tint

Color and contrast are very important to make a painting realistic

Painting dogs fur

This is a short video of Jennifer McDuffie paintings the fur of a black labrador dog. Acrylic painting of two dogs laying down, painted on primed stretched canvas, 16" x 20. Painting of a yellow lab and black Labrador laying on a yellow labrador each other sleeping.


Behind the Scenes


A friend of mine wanted to surprise a coworker with a Christmas present. He asked me to create a painting of her beloved red pitbull. So he called her boyfriend and had him send her favorite picture of her dog. Then the girl friend had me paint paint his dog that just passed away. We decided to have them painted the same size so they can hang right next to each other. I though it was so sweet :-) I myself LOVE dogs (and all animals!) 

The Original Photograph


Painting Technique


Painting peoples pets is very interesting and fun to paint! Every dog has different hair texture in different areas. For instance, some dogs have very short, soft thin hair like a pitbull's nose. Other's have fluffy fuzzy hair, or short bristle like hair. All are very different painting techniques. 



Behind the Scenes

Painting dog portraits is very satisfying. Even though it is sad that this pup had passed away, the owner now has a beautiful original acrylic painting of her. 

This is the Boxer Pet Portrait painted for the boyfriend who's boxer just passed away. Read about Red Bull,above.

Painting Technique

The textures, tones and shading are very calming in this piece. Below are more images of this acrylic painting.



Behind the Scenes

The man I painted this for raises goats and takes them out to petting zoos for the kids! How awesome is that! Aren't they so cute! I can't wait to have goats one day! 

Painting Technique

Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped stretched canvas. 4" x 10" 


Cali - Pet Cat Portrait

Behind the Scenes

Cali is a cool cat. She showed up to me friends door step and never left. She choose her owner. Every time I see her she sits on my shoes lol! Sweet kitty cat.

Painting Technique

Cali is so cute with her little bell on her collar. There's bamboo and a wicker basket in the background.