Located at Allan Hancock College | SANTA MARIA, CA

The Association of Visual Arts Mural

The Association of Visual Arts, AVA of Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, California. The artists involved with this visual arts club got together and designed and painted this exterior mural! It was our first mural project as a group. We went to local businesses for donations to help with supplies needed for the project like paint, plywood and sealant. Six student artists painted their own wood panels, and the background is of a computer screen, the "Start" button we made into the College's Quote: "Start Here, Go Anywhere." It also had a drop-down menu under "View" button, of the arts available at our college: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Metal, Film, Graphics, Multi-Media, Photography, Music, Dance and Drama. This was such a great experience for all of us! We learned to work together, come up with ideas, vote on each others work, paint large scale and how to get donations for supplies needed!